Soils Test Friday November 16th

We have been “digging into dirt” in science and we are ready to show what we know.  The test will be on Friday, November 16th.  Attached are the study guide and link to quizlet.

Vocabulary Terms and Definitions: (copy and paste)

Study Guide:

soilconceptsstudyguide (5)



Websites for Country Reports

Energy abounds as we begin a new journey for the new grading period. Today the students were given the outline and instructions for their country reports and international fair.  A copy of the project requirements is attached. The front page is to be kept by the parent and includes important due dates.   Please return this page that lets me know that you had the opportunity to see the project requirements.  The students are buzzing with excitement as they made their country selections today.  If your child has any problems locating information for their particular country, please let me know so I can search out some sites or books that may be appropriate. Thank you so much for your assistance as they embark on their first major research project.

***Feel free to use any other reliable sites as well

Click below for another copy of the project:

CountryProject 2018 (1)

Rocks Test- Tuesday, October 23

We will be having our second science test on Tuesday.  It will be made of two parts, vocabulary and concepts.  The rocks vocabulary can be studied on quizlet here:

Also be sure to study the concepts on your study guide including the three types of rocks, how each is formed, the rock cycle, what rocks are used for and examples of each type of rock.  The study guide can be found below.

16 Rocks Study Guide



Maps Test

We have been hard at work studying and creating a variety of maps.  The students have created very unique and personal rough drafts of their autobiographical maps and they are so impressive.  I can’t wait to see their final products next week.  These are due on 10/17.

The test over map skills will be on Tuesday 10/16.  The study guide will be sent home on Wednesday giving the students plenty of time to study.  The guide is attached as well as a link to quizlet for the students to practice their vocabulary.  PLEASE BE SURE TO STUDY THE CONCEPTS PART OF THE STUDY GUIDE AS WELL AS THE VOCABULARY.  Many students are doing great with the vocabulary portion of the test but neglect to study for the concepts portion.  Both are equally important.

Study for vocabulary here-

Concepts study guide below


Types of maps are covered on the test and this video goes over them all.






Minerals Test

Our Minerals test will be this  Thursday, September 27th.  A study guide for the concepts portion of the test was sent home today and students are to be able to identify the minerals using the properties of each mineral.  The vocabulary portion is loaded into where you can practice using games and flashcards.  Be sure to check it out.  It is found at:

Click here for a copy of the study guide: mineral study guide

minerals study guide


Time flies when you are having fun, and working hard!  We have studied a number of timelines including one on Jesse Robinson, Chinese Dynasties and Modern Inventions.  We will be having our test over timelines on Friday, September 14th.  A great place to create your own timeline is:

For the upcoming test be sure to study on quizlet at:

and study your study guide attached here.