Camp Nuhop

There is no better way to end the school year than at Outdoor Education Camp and no better camp to end it at than Camp Nuhop.  It was an amazing three days as the kids had the opportunity to climb, hike, canoe, build shelters and spend time bonding as a class.  We had fantastic weather, engaging staff and the students had a time they will remember the rest of their lives.  If you did not check out the fun photos taken, be sure to look at:


Sixth Grade Farewell

Only a few days left before this group of incredible students will be traveling on to the Jr. High.  It’s been a beautiful year full of memories and we are so excited to celebrate their accomplishment tonight.  Congratulations class of 2024!

Religions Test

Our biggest test of the fourth quarter is coming up next Tuesday.  It will be covering the five main religions that we have been studying for the past five weeks.  Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism have all been interesting to study.  We are now ready to show what we know.  The students all have a table to study and the terms are all able to be viewed and studied on

Copy of Religion Table Filled In


Virtual Fieldtrip

While we are hatching chicks in our classroom, we were also able to see how pigs are raised by means of a virtual field trip.  It was to a pig farm in Ohio where they raise baby pigs to be sent to other farmers to raise.  We were shown how they raise the piglets, what they eat, how they care for them and then had the opportunity for our students to ask questions of the farmer via the internet.  It was an interesting tour and our students had some wonderful and insightful questions.

Lunch at Uncle Tito’s

The students had a wonderful time enjoying the food and culture at Uncle Tito’s Restaurant in Springfield.  They had the opportunity to use the Spanish they have learned this year from Ms. Campailla to order their food and interact with the staff.  What a wonderful celebration of culture.

Chemistry Test, Wednesday, May 2nd

Our science studies have been focusing on chemistry the past few weeks.  We are now one chapter into our books having studied how we describe, classify, measure and observe changes in matter.  The test over this first chapter will be next Wednesday.  The study guide is actually in their science book on page 30 and the terms are linked to quizlet for students to study.  Many of these concepts are more difficult than what we have typically been focusing on this year so some at-home studying is necessary in order to do well on this test.  Let’s finish the year strong!

Find the quizlet terms and definitions at:


We all make mistakes, and sometimes it’s good for students to see our mistakes as adults.  It helps them to know that we all make mistakes and that we can learn from them.

I ordered fertilized eggs from the hatchery as I do every year.  When the office called to say the package had arrived, the class took a walk to retrieve it.  Imagine our surprise when our box of “eggs” was peeping!  I had obviously written the incorrect order number.  It made for a beautiful morning of observing and discussing these beautiful little chicks.

We will still be hatching chicks (I’m driving out to pick them up this time!) But, meanwhile we have a little box of happiness in our classroom.  Life in room 27 is ALWAYS an adventure!